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why we do what we do

About Coiff and Co

At Coiff and Co, we offer high-quality products to highlight your best features, unveil your natural beauty, and reveal your healing glow. We make beauty work for you.

Coiff is short for the French word “coiffure,” which is an elaborate hairstyle. Do we sell hair? No. In fact, our founder, Danni Nicole, has no hair. It wasn’t until she fully embraced this unconventional declaration of self-acceptance that she began to see herself as truly beautiful. 

Each one of us has something unconventional that makes us question how beautiful we really are. The Coiff and Co team knows that nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she truly is beautiful. This revelation  cannot occur until you heal yourself from the inside out. The healed version of yourself is the most beautiful version of yourself.

Meet Danni Nicole


As an active mother to Chance, an advocate for mental health and adoption, and a survivor of a near-death situation, Danni believes in the power of the individual, doing what makes you happiest, and experiencing freedom through confidence.


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